Light entrepreneur

What is light entrepreneur?

Light entrepreneurship is a form of employment that counts your customers for work done without you having to set up your own business or send your tax card to a large number of employers. With the Free-Kevytyrittäjä, light entrepreneurs are avoiding bureaucracy brought up by your own company so that you can focus on the essentials, that is, your own work.

Anyone who can easily become a light entrepreneur can almost invariably take it. The Free-Kevytyrittäjä Light Entrepreneur Service has already sent thousands of invoices to hundreds of companies.

The largest professional groups are:

  • Creatives
  • Restaurant and tourism
  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Consults
Why to be a light entrepreneur?

Light Entrepreneurship is a very flexible way to work, which brings you the freedom to work with whom you want and when it suits you. Light Entrepreneurship is very popular because of the many people want to work in seasonal or project in kind and in a short time to earn more money to spent more time in a holiday.

Light entrepreneurship also brings a new kind of local agreement to the workplace when things can be agreed directly with the customer and the most important thing is that the jobs will be handled.


The best aspects of entrepreneurship are the Light:

  • No need for business id
  • No bureaucracy of having your own company
  • Work easily for many customers
  • Freedom to work whenever you want
  • Easy to start, easy to end
  • Test your concept before setting up your own company
  • You can focus on work and leave rest to us
How to become a light entrepreneur?
It is extremely easy to become a light entrepreneur. Through Free-Kevytyrittäjä, you are able to get an easier route to light entrepreneurship, when its’ needed.

Your light entrepreneurship starts when you register for our service for free and without any commitment.

After signing up, you simply add the necessary information about yourself and your client and create an invoice. Once your invoice has been paid, you get the money on your bank account, and we handle your VAT and tax withholding payments to the Finnish Tax Administration.

Everything you do in our service is guided and you can find useful information regarding the topic on each page. The service works 24/7, and our customer service is available to help and support your light entrepreneurship path on weekdays between 09-20. In urgent matters, it is possible to reach us even on weekends.

Additionally, our online chat starts working as soon as you have signed in, and you can use it to ask for help.

Sign up for free and without commitments

After registration, you will add all the needed information about yourself, add your customer details and make the bill.

When the bill is payed, you will receive the money and we will supply the ALV and withholding tax to the tax administration. Everything you do on our extranet is guided and you will find useful information on each page. Additionally, our chat works on the Extranet site and therefore, you can always ask for guidance.

What is light entrepreneurship?
Light entrepreneurship is a format of working where you invoice your clients for the work you have done without having to start your own company or having to send your tax card to several employers.
Why become a light entrepreneur?
Light entrepreneurship is a very flexible form of working, which brings you the freedom of working for whomever you want and whenever it best suits you.
How to start?
Getting started with light entrepreneurship is easy with Free-Kevytyrittäjä. All you need to do is: Join our service and you can start sending your first invoice!

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